Betty a La Mode


handbrake.png Handbrake – This program lets you rip films from DVDs for viewing or editing on your computer. This is what I use to rip trailers from DVDs [such as ‘Real Women Have Curves’ & ‘The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants’] for uploading to YouTube.

isquint1.pngiSquint – This program is what I use to convert ‘flv’ files into ‘mp4’. An ‘flv’ file is what you get when you rip a movie from a flash site, such as YouTube, which then must be converted into ‘mp4’ to be uploaded elsewhere. I have used this on all of the episode summaries which you can find on the BALM YouTube channel.

adobephotoshop1.png Adobe Photoshop – All the graphics on the site are made with it, and I really couldn’t live without it! It is an extremely complex piece of software, which I have slowly gotten to be able to use over the past few years. I use CS2 Version 9.

Firefox Icon Firefox – My internet browesr of choice. I prefer Safari, but editing the site with that is near impossible! The plug-ins which are available also help me to acquire media for the site, which other browsers lack.

WireTap WireTap – This is what I use to capture audio for the site. The ringtones were all made using this as well as the radio interviews. I use the basic version, as I use it rarely.

iMovie iMovie ’08 – Whenever I have to clean up or edit a clip for uploading to the BALM YouTube channel, I use iMovie ’08 to do this. It’s simple and allows me to upload to YouTube from inside the application.



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