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Here is your chance to be crowned Ugly Betty fan of the moment and have a page dedicated to you! All you need to do is contact me [through, as the name suggests, the contact page!] and fill out this little form:


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If you’re selected, I’ll email you back with a questionnaire for you to fill out. Get it back to me and then you will be have pride of place on this page.

For our Fan of the Moment this time, I have chosen Charlotte who is almost as obsessed with Ugly Betty as I am! Anyway, here’s her Q&A…

Fan Of The Moment Picture1. Favourite Ugly Betty Character?
It’s gotta be Marc – he’s the main reason I love the show so much! Amanda
comes second though, her and Marc together are always the funniest moments
of the show I think. Oh and I also cant forget Justin hes kinda like a
mini-marc [me and my friend call him that]!

2. Favourite Ugly Betty Scene?
Ok this is hard…. there are too many to chose from I think! Ok its
gotta be when Marc and Amanda were in the love dungeon and she was whipping
him.. And when he said ‘inhale Ricky Martin, exhale Colin Farrell’. Also, when
they had that fight because she wasn’t his ‘girlfriend’ anymore.

3. What got you into watching Ugly Betty?
Well I just thought it looked really interesting when I saw promos for the show on ‘Channel 4’… then from the first episode I was hooked. Also a
comedy about fashion looked fun because I had just seen the ‘The Devil Wears

4. Who would be your dream special guest and what character would they portray?
Hmm… Maybe Alan Carr? (A UK comedian for those from the US who don’t
know what I’m talking about). Because he’s just so funny and him and Marc
together would be priceless! Ok I think you can see my Marc obsession now…

5. What would be your dream storyline?
Ok this may happen in Season 2 anyway.. If so then I’m psychic. Well i
would love for Claire to gate-crash Wilhelmina and Bradford’s wedding
because I find it funny how things never go her way.

6. Who is your cast crush?
Well I think Marc is cute (I don’t care if he is gay!) I love his
curly hair! And also Henry has that geeky charm if that makes any sense at

7. If you could appear in Ugly Betty, what would your character be?
Marc’s personal assistant of course! No explanation needed I think..

8. Have you ever had an Ugly Betty outfit?
Wow I cant even count all the awful outfits I’ve worn in the past…
Lets see… I once wore all pink and looked like candyfloss… Or when I wore
this weird costume that I thought was cool but really wasn’t… I think it
was a salsa dancing outfit or something…

9. Which character do you think you’re most like, and why?

Hmm I don’t really think I’m like any of the characters really… Maybe
Christina? But I’m not funny…. Well are both from Europe (not really a
good reason i know…) and do stupid things sometimes..

10. Your predictions for the future?
Well i have read a lot of whats happening in season 2 already but.. I
hope the baby isn’t Henry’s because that Charlie is evil! And obviously some
more Marc & Amanda scenes… And for Justin to become some big fashion
editor some day!


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