Betty a La Mode

Lose The Boss

Episode 9

09 // “Lose The Boss” // November 23, 2006

Episode Plotline

“The day after Thanksgiving is no holiday for Betty, who struggles to pull together a last-minute Mode photo shoot with a famous couple and their baby, while a dejected Daniel recuperates from a hangover — and Sofia Reyes’ rejection — at the Suarez house. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and Marc go to greet the celebs at the airport and find themselves stranded in a dicey part of town with no money, and Bradford Meade takes a little trip of his own.”

Favourite Quotes

Daniel: And you slept where?

Betty: In your arms..

Betty: I’m kidding. On the living room couch downstairs!

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Video Summary

Episode Soundtrack

‘The Glamorous Life’ by Sheila E

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