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Secretaries Day

21 // “Secretaries’ Day” // May 3, 2007

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“Betty struggles to come up with the cash to solve the latest Suarez family dilemma, all while planning Mode’s big assistants week bash at a medieval themed restaurant, a place with an unlikely link to Amanda’s past. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to heed Betty’s advice about his sexual addiction issues; Alexis considers Rodrigo’s offer; Hilda faces a tough cosmetology school exam, and Wilhelmina becomes even bolder in her plans for total Mode domination.”

Favourite Quote Favourite Quote

Betty: You are such a dork.

Henry: You know you love it.

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This was a really fun episode, and also where Henry & Betty’s love really starts to show. Nick Pepper had some good lines too, but was a complete ass at Middle Ages! Wilhelmina being beaten up by Marc was a highlight, as was the Amanda acting reel which was hi-wait for it-larious! A nice fun episode, before things started gearing up for the finale.

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