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East Side Story

23 // “East Side Story” // May 17, 2007

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“Betty and Henry’s romance heats up. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina makes great strides in her ambitious power play, and Daniel descends further in a downward spiral. The Suarez family trip to Mexico takes a dangerous turn, as old ghosts create new problems. Explosive secrets will be revealed, and everything will be tied together by a beloved Broadway musical.”

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“Wha!? He’s rewriting ‘Candle In the Wind’ for me!

Ugh. give that queen 20 bucks and he’ll rewite it for anybody!”

My Review My Review

So many twists and turns, a perfect season finale. As well as the excitement, there were some very funny moments too: The ‘Memories’ Marc & Wilhelmina montage – Hilarious! I also loved the ‘chick flick’ lady [Two words, DREW BARRYMORE!] and of course, Fabia!

One downside was that it didn’t feature Angelica Vale [The original Betty] very much and her part was a bit pointless. Oh well, it was still pretty cool to have her feature in ‘our’ Betty!

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