Betty a La Mode

A Tree Grows In Guadalajara

22 // “A Tree Grows In Guadalajara” // May 10, 2007

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“Betty and her family go to Guadalajara to solve Ignacio’s immigration problems, and Betty questions her Aunt Mirta and cousin Clara about her late mother. Meanwhile, Alexis gets a visit from Jordan, the woman she dated before her “death” and operation; Marc is jealous when Amanda seemingly has a new best gay friend in Tavares, and Wilhelmina gives the new man in her life a makeover.”

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Wilhemina: Tavares, I’m sure you thought putting coconut shell buttons on this jacket was adventurous, but you’ve just murdered a blazer.

Marc: Murderer!

My Review My Review

I really like this episode, it was a nice break from the norm. I loved Betty’s aunt, she was hilarious! [“So my grandmother’s alive?! …. Crap!]. It also was quite emotional too, with the scenes with Betty’s grandmother and the fact that Ignacio wasn’t going to be going back home! The ‘Mode’ storyline was good too, with some very funny lines from Marc & Amanda. The whole Ignacio in Mexico storyline looks as if it’ll play a prominent part in Season 2 too.

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