Betty a La Mode

Icing On The Cake


17 // “Icing On The Cake” // March 15, 2007

Episode Plotline

“Betty impulsively asks her orthodontist, Dr. Farkas, to be her date when Henry insists she come to Charlie’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina tries to drive a wedge between Daniel and Alexis when Daniel hides the fact that he’s the one who hired Grace Chin to defend their dad — whom Alexis wants to fry — and Amanda catches the eye of a very unusual designer who declares she’s his “muse.””

Favourite Quotes

Ignacio: Mrs. Meade, what do you take in your coffee?

Claire: Vodka and ice, hold the coffee.”

Promo Gallery

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Video Summary

Episode Soundtrack

You Give Me Something by James Morrison
Turn to Real Life by Shiny Toy Guns
Do Right Woman/Do Right Man by Aretha Franklin

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