Betty a La Mode



16 // “Derailed” // February 15, 2007

Episode Plotline

“Family matters force Daniel to reconnect with Grace Chin, a girl he once stood up for a date in college. She’s now known as “The Chin,” NYC’s most powerful lawyer. Meanwhile, Betty makes a new friend, Charlie, a likable out-of-towner she meets in the Mode cafeteria, only to find out Charlie is Henry’s girlfriend. And a blizzard descends on the city and derails plans, as Christina, trapped in the office with Marc, struggles to put together a gown for Sarah Jessica Parker; Wilhelmina and Alexis get stranded in a sports bar; and Hilda, Santos and Justin get stuck on the subway on the way to see Justin’s favorite musical, “Hairspray””

Favourite Quotes

Joel: You look familiar. Have we met?

Wilhelmina: We’re not even meeting now.

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Video Summary

Episode Soundtrack

What Goes Around … by Justin Timberlake
Super Freak by Rick James

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