Betty a La Mode



11 // “Swag” // January 4, 2007

Episode Plotline

“When Christine announces she’s getting ready to clean out “the closet,” Mode’s repository of high fashion clothes and accessories, the assistants whip themselves into a frenzy over who will get the cast-off swag. But Betty is too busy to even think about this perk: A $20,000 expense report she filed for Daniel has been rejected and his credit card cut off, making it impossible for him to wine and dine an important Japanese designer, Oshi. Meanwhile, her dad’s HMO has suspended his insurance.”

Favourite Quotes

Walter:(taking something off the shelf) What? I’m shopping.

Betty: Walter, you do not have a feminine itch?!”

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Video Summary

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Episode Soundtrack

Bebot by Black Eyed Peas
9 to 5 by Lady Sovereign

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