Betty a La Mode

I’m Coming Out


14 // “I’m Coming Out” // February 1, 2007

Episode Plotline

“It’s Fashion Week in New York and Betty is hustling to ensure “Mode’s” runway show goes off without a hitch. To Betty’s dismay, Daniel offers Hilda a job helping out with the show. Wilhelmina is introduced to a new “cosmetic technique,” as Christina prepares for the debut of her very own designs. Marc and Amanda resume their scheming ways in a mission to steal what will be the season’s hottest fashion item. Meanwhile, Daniel is moved by his father’s decision to hand over the reigns of Meade Publications, when a visit from an old friend coaxes him into his old ways. But nothing can prepare them for the frenzy that ensues when the “Mode” show is abruptly halted by a shocking revelation.”

Favourite Quotes

Wilhelmina: Mmm. You’re good Jason.

Justin: It’s Justin, but you can call me whatever you want: I love you.”

Promo Gallery

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Video Summary

Episode Soundtrack

Fame by David Bowie
Shake by Mainline

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