Betty a La Mode

The Lyin’, The Watch And The Wardrobe


05 // “The Lyin’, the Watch and the Wardrobe” // October 26, 2006

Episode Plotline

“It’s Halloween and Betty is in for a series of frightful experiences, ranging from showing up dressed for the Mode costume contest until she learns that there isn’t one, to dealing with her growing attraction to Henry, and tracking down a watch Daniel left at one of his many girlfriends’ apartments, but can’t remember which one. Meanwhile, Daniel pays a visit to his mom in rehab, and Wilhelmina is horrified to learn that she can’t fit into a designer gown.”

Favourite Quotes

Wilhelmina: Jason dipped his toe into Lake Wilhelmina and let’s just say the water was very warm.

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Video Summary

Episode Soundtrack

‘Right Back Where We Started From’ by Maxine Nightingale

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