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Pop, Pop, Pop That Thang
6 December, 2007, 6:14 pm
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It has been so long! I am such a bad webmaster, but I have a valid reason, my coursework for my University module was in a while ago which accounted for 80% of my final grade, so sadly, Betty was the last thing on my mind. Then, after I posted the ‘I’m Not Dead’ post last week, I went and dislocated my knee, which means I have been limping around in pain. I am so happy to be back with you, my lovely readers, hehe. A gap this big also means a crap load of news, which is a bummer so a lot of it I will just have to skim past some, otherwise I will be here all day!

Two great episodes, each of them showing the deeper side of Betty. The show has been accused of becoming a bit too light and frothy in the recent series, but these last two episodes can truly silence those critics. The scenes between Claire & Bradford were so touching, more so than the fact that he actually died, haha! And Willi this week, oh my goodness! She is pure evil! I will post a full recap in the episode section, which I will be updating over the next few weeks.

One thing I did notice, is that the ratings for the most recent episode were really low, due to Thankgiving [Happy VERY belated Thanksgiving all you USA’ers!]. This happened last year as well, so you’d think ABC would learn. Especially as they hardly have many episodes left due to the writer’s strike and the fact that there was NO UGLY BETTY THIS WEEK. [I only found out about that a few days before and I was gutted!]. Oh well, it just seems a shame so many people missed such a great episode.

ABC have been updating the official site though with a few new activities and games, including the ‘Face Shifter’. You mix up the tiles and make your own Ugly Betty face, just like the opening sequence. Here’s my try:

Face Shifter

They also have a new game where you can create your own cover with your face on it! Kudos to ABC, because before, the site was looking a bit bare. Click here to play both of the games

In guest star news, Gene Simmons has been signed up to appear, with many people guessing he will be Amanda’s daddy.

“On Monday, December 3rd, I’m shooting Ugly Betty – not her… the show,” quipped Simmons in an update posted on his record company’s website.


The bassist and vocalist kept coy about his cameo. “Can’t tell you just yet who I’m playing or what it’s about,” Simmons wrote, but he added that “it might give you a chuckle”. [Source]

Haha, can’t wait to see him in it!

I just read on Ugly Betty News, that Michael will be hosting his own show, starting on January 4th. Wow! Although I have to admit, I think him teamed with Becki would be the ultimate hosting duo. Here’s the lowdown on the show:

For the first time in history, MISS AMERICA: REALITY CHECK brings all 52 beauty queens together to live under one roof to undo everything they have learned about pageant basics and determine if their smarts, attitudes and looks hold up in contemporary society. Led by host Urie, the girls participate in an intense set of events and challenges designed to prepare them for the finale event, a renewed competition that will redefine what it takes to be Miss America, a relatable and individual ‘it girl’ who can connect with today’s modern woman. [Click for more >>>]

Finally, some new Betty tonight, feels like an age doesn’t it? CHeck out the promo here:

I will post more tomorrow, my leg’s acting up again so I need to go and lie down [I ahve become SUCH an old man since my knee got dislocated haha!]

Thanks for coming back after such a long break, I appreciate it!



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Take care and get well soon =) Glad to see you’re back

Comment by Trev

thanks alot for the updates! hope you get well soon!!!=)dont feel bad, we totally understand.
p.s DAMMN! things are always such an unexpected twist!!! no wonder i am so hooked on this show!=)

Comment by lianNi

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