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4 November, 2007, 12:26 am
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Sorry for the lateness of this post, been dealing with an awful cough and spent Thursday travelling back from University! Finally got to watch the episode last night….

Let me start out by saying this, musicals are really not my thing. I enjoyed the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical’ but that’s about it. But now, after seeing ‘Something Wicked…’, I think I am converted! I think I can safely say this was the best episode of the season so far, it really had me gripped from start to finish. And the ending, my mouth was on the floor! Anyway, enough of my whittering, as well as Betty and Henry getting it ooooooooooon, Hilda lied about her job, Marc was embarassed by his boyfriend, Daniel disapproved of Betty’s actions and Wilhelmina had to reshuffle her wedding plans. Was it just me, or did anyone else feel really sorry for good ol’ Willi? Kinda glad Nico isn’t coming back though, her character was pretty boring.

For those who want to refresh their memory, watch the video summary below:

Who ever said Betty was Ugly?! America is covergirl for ‘Marie Claire’ UK this month and she is looking absolutely stunning on the front cover. Have a look at the HQ cover picture below and read a few snippets from her interview. I have just bought my copy [that’s the second girl’s magazine I have bought in a month!], so be sure to pick up yours too! You can find more of the article on the official website, .

America Ferrera Marie Claire Magazine Cover

‘It feels good to be a part of a show that means more to people than just entertainment,’ she says, ‘and which confronts a lot of issues,
like the portrayal of a Latin family with a father struggling for citizenship. Many people kind of see it as a pioneer show for their cause. Ugly Betty addresses these serious issues with humour, and that’s the easiest way to make people listen as opposed to being preachy and
shoving it down their throats.’

Wanna know something MAJOR? The ‘Posh’ episode is less than a week away! Seems like so long ago that news of her appearing started circulating and now it’s finally here. Check out the clip below of Vicky’s ‘acting abilities’ and let me know what you think of it!

I have been in contact with the official ABC store and I have some exciting news for all of you. We are working together to bring you the latest news on updates to the store, right here on Betty a La Mode. Also, we will be running a competition in the following weeks where you can get your hands on some official Betty merchandise! As well as that, the store wants to hear from YOU. What do you want to see in the store? An Ugly Betty teapot? Ugly Betty underwear? Contact me here and I’ll be submitting all of your ideas straight to the store. I myself have mentioned the fact that there is no clothing for male Ugly Betty fans, so hopefully we will see some new mansize additions soon, haha!

In the meantime, why not check out the current items for sale?

You could become the office fashionista with your very own ‘Mode’ bag and travel cup and could complete the look with the ‘Viva La Betty’ T-Shirt. Oh and don’t forget to stick up your official poster, after marking down your next glitzy party on your Ugly Betty calendar. Click the above images to go to their respective pages.

Our sister site, is hotting up in time for Winter, with the new ‘Magazine Wars’ starting. Here’s the description from the site about what it’s all about:

‘Magazine Wars is a new game here at Mode Magazine that allows you to win some amazing prizes, as well as trying to win points for your team (magazine) at the same time! Every few weeks the staff here at Mode Magazine will post a competition within the main forum. These are TEAM events, and you must work within your team in order to make points for your magazine. After each event the team with the most points will be declared the winners and will be given a shiny new prize or more points.’

So whether you’re a whizz at Photoshop, have a knack for writing or just want to join in on all the fun, check it out on the forums.

On the subject of the forums, they are a wonderful place to talk about the latest news reported here with fellow Ugly Betty fans. If you haven’t already, get yourself over there!

Ooooohohoh! Before I go, I FINALLY got my Ugly Betty baseball, adorned with the cast’s signatures. It’s sitting up in my bedroom right now, hehe. It is BETTYFUL! Watch out for the next update for pictures :)


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i loathe 99% of musicals, including what i’ve now seen/heard of Wicked, but i thought this episode was very strong. the editors continue their best work from last season, with both the music montage stuff moving among the whole UB world, and powerful moments as when marc and amanda were caught in the bathroom running their mouths. saw a few complaints at IMDb about this episode, but i think they’re nuts. hats off to the entire UB crew for delivering above and beyond, and congrats to you for the success of this site.

Comment by charley hardman

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