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20 October, 2007, 1:34 pm
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Four episodes in, less than twenty to go. Sounds strange after waiting so long for the second season to start! ‘Grin And Bear It’ had some very funny moments in my opinion, Pucquito the talking bear, the Daniel ‘Thumbs Up’ montage & Marc’s realisation that everything is ‘DOOMED’! With all the fun though, came the news that Henry really is the father of Charlie’s baby. After reading an article a few weeks ago saying how predictable Ugly Betty had become, I did NOT see this one coming. Is this the end for Henry & Betty?

Michael Urie & Becki Newton Article

A new interview with Michael & Becki has been published, best ‘frenemies’ from the show. The article describes how has compared the duo to ‘Will & Grace’s Jack & Karen [which I have often thought myself]. It also reveals that the American Music Awards want them to appear “in character” backstage. That sounds great, I hope that comes true! Check out the full article here >>>

Ooh, I forgot to say last time, but in the previous podcast with Eric Mabius, Becki reveals that she is going to be cover girl for the UK magazine ‘Esquire’. I will definately be purchasing a copy, so expect some scans very soon!

TV Guide let a ‘nasty’ bit of information slip out in their recent TV blog, revealing that someone might be for the chop in Ugly Betty!

Question: Ugly Betty scoop please! — Sandy

Ausiello: You smell that? It’s the stench of death, and it’s about to envelop a Betty series regular. And sooner rather than later.

The way that is worded though does not mean that one of the cast regulars is going to die, it may be someone close to them. Who could it be?

More promo pictures have been released, this time for Episode 8, ‘I See Me, I.C.U’

Episode 8  Promo Picture

Guest star Mo’Nique makes her appearanc

Episode 8 Promo Picture

Claire & Yoga make a visit to the Suarez house

Haha! Looks like another great episode to look forward to!

Kirstie Allie & John Travolta have both been rumoured to appear on the show…

It is reported that Kirstie Alley is trying to persuade her ‘Look Who’s Talking’ co-star John Travolta to join her in an upcoming episode of ‘Ugly Betty’.

Variety reports that Alley has been linked to an ‘Ugly Betty’ guest role as a no-nonsense modelling agent who doesn’t hold back when dealing with her young clients.

And ‘Golden Girl’ Betty White has been confirmed! This is not the first time Betty has been to Ugly Betty land, as in April she appeared as our Betty in ‘Ugly Betty White’ for the TV Land Awards! [So many Betty’s in one sentence!] Have a look at this great picture:

Ugly Betty White

Sounds good, the way this is going, they’ll be a new guest star every week!

Posh Spice has been telling the UK press about what a great time she had filming Ugly Betty. She also lets slip about her big entrance, check it out:

“It was the most fun ever,” she’s quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying.

“The director just told me to play myself. I said, ‘The real me or the Posh me?’ He said, ‘I want the Posh one’, so I just played to it.

“Wilhelmina’s standing there in her wedding dress and I burst through a curtain shouting, ‘It’s major!’ My dress is so much more fabulous than hers – the bridesmaid has upstaged her outfit. You should see the look on her face. It was a brilliant thing to do.”

I think that’s it for now, check back later for more updates!


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