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Sexy! No No No
14 October, 2007, 9:54 pm
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I am so sorry for the delay in this post. This whole weekend has been a pretty crazy time, so I didn’t have a chance to post here earlier. I did manage to finally sort out the ‘Episodes’ section though, with the implementation of a new display and colour scheme.

The problem with leaving such a large gap between posts means the next one is jam packed full of information! Saying that, I better get on with it…

Kim Cattrall

Ugly Betty almost had a ‘Sexy’ guest star join the cast recently, but sadly Kim Cattrall said she didn’t feel ‘it was really her’

The 51-year-old has only made fleeting appearances on the small screen since Sex And The City ended in 2004, but she is still determined to be choosy about what roles she takes on.

Cattrall says, “I turned down Ugly Betty. It’s a fun show, but I don’t regret it. I didn’t really think it was me.”

I’m disappointed about that, I think Kim would have been great on the show. We can’t complain though, we have a load of other guest stars to look forward to instead!

Another week passed, another episode. Amazing, as always, so relive it with this video summary below:

Promo pics for Posh’s episode, ‘A Nice Day For A Posh Wedding’ have been released as well as the pictures for Episode 6, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’. First up, Episode 6:

Betty and Henry continue their illicit romance and plan a secret date to “Wicked,” but things don’t go as planned when Daniel, thinking she’s dating Gio (Freddy Rodriguez), gifts her with tickets for the two of them instead – tickets which Gio refuses to give up. Meanwhile, Daniel woos an important advertiser (guest star Marlo Thomas), a lady with a penchant for younger men

Episode 6, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ Promo Pictures

Marlo Thomas makes her appearance

Episode 6, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ Promo Pictures

Things between Gio & Betty [and Henry!] get complicated

Episode 6, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ Promo Pictures

The show must go on!

View the rest here >>>

And now, here’s the promo pictures for Episode 7, ‘A Nice Day For A Posh Wedding’

As Wilhelmina prepares for her big day, all is not quiet on the Mode front when she realizes her fabulous maid of honor, Victoria Beckham (guest starring as herself), is stealing her thunder. Meanwhile, Betty is wracked with guilt about her secret pact with Wilhelmina and about not telling Daniel that his future step-mom is dallying with her bodyguard (guest star Rick Fox). At the Suarez house, Ignacio prepares for his big day – becoming a U.S. citizen – but when Betty moves in with new love Henry, it puts a major strain on father/daughter relations

Episode 7, ‘Nice Day For A Posh Wedding’ Promo Pictures

Wilhelmina as the blushing bride

Episode 7, ‘Nice Day For A Posh Wedding’ Promo Pictures

Posh makes her entrance

Episode 7, ‘Nice Day For A Posh Wedding’ Promo Pictures

Amanda makes a scene

View the rest here >>>

I seriously cannot wait! This season is going to be great, hehe!

Now for a few interviews with the cast, the first is with Christopher Gorham, who we all know as ‘Henry’. In his talk with the New York Post her reveals a bit about the upcoming musical episode:

Q: Are you ready for “Ugly Betty’s” Valentine’s Day musical episode?

A: I sang a ton in high school, I was in all the singing groups, so it’s going to be fine. This is the perfect cast to do it with – I think everyone sings except for Eric Mabius [Mode editor Daniel Meade]. At least right now, there’s going to be a huge dance number at the end too.

Ah ha! I don’t know about you, but I had no idea it was Valentine’s Day themed. That also tells us that the episode will not be until next year which is a shame, February is so far away! I hope Eric manages to squeeze out a few notes, as long as he doesn’t sound like how Gio did on Thursday’s episode, haha! Read the full interview here >>>

Secondly, Michael got grilled by Tv Guide about his job & love life

TV Guide: What do you and your character, Marc St. James, have in common?

Michael Urie: I love my job and he loves his job. But I’m not fashionable or mean. Marc and Amanda are pretty much Michael and Becki [Newton] — we’re goofy like that.

Check out the full interview here >>>

Speaking of, I am proud to announce that Betty a la Mode is now officially linked with the site [thanks to the lovely Rachelle :)], with a time counter counting down until the next episode, video of Behind the Scenes of Ugly Betty and episode recaps, is the perfect place to catch up with your Bettyness [after Betty a la Mode, of course!]

A new podcast has been released, this time featuring Eric Mabius. This is officially my favourite podcast, their British accents are hilarious [you’ll see what I mean!]. My hosting server is being a bit of a pain at the moment, so check it out on iTunes in the meantime. I’ll aim to be uploading it here very soon.

That was a mother of a post! next time, I promoise not to leave it so long :) Enjoy!


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