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6 October, 2007, 3:56 pm
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What did you think then? Personally, I think ‘Family Affair’ was even better than the premiere, with a lot more laugh out loud moments. One scene which had me in stitches was when Marc was on the roof behind Betty with the ‘Thunder Sheet’! Oh my goodness, I was almost in tears, haha! Crazed Wilhelmina on the roof was also a highlight! Saying that though, it wasn’t just all about the comedy, the last scene with Ignacio and his whole storyline in general, shines a light on a topic which needs to be brought forward and into the public eye. I am really interested in where the writers will be taking Ignacio in this season.

As for the ratings:

As expected, all shows lost some of their season premiere audience. ABC’s “Ugly Betty” for instance pulled in 9.78 million (last week the show scored over 11 million viewers).

Betty’s losses are however more drastic on year-to-year basis (the show averaged 14.26 million viewers on a comparable Thursday last year). I certainly hope the decline stops there, or ‘Betty’ may also be in trouble.

No! Surely Betty will be able to survive?!

Video recap of Episode 2, ‘Family / Affair’ iTunes Download Button

Last night, the 2nd Season premiered in the UK. Although it’s only been a week, it seems like ages since the season started in the US, don’t you think? Sadly, I missed the premiere as I was busy essay writing [damn university!], but I hope those that watched it enjoyed it! Don’t forget, with iTunes now offering TV downloads in the UK also, you can now download last night’s episode on iTunes now. Just click the button to the right to be taken to the download page.

Promo pictures for the 5th episode of the new season, ‘A League of Their Own’ have been released, and you know how excited new promo pictures make me! […just realised how wrong that sounds, haha!]. Check them out, I’m interested to see what the old ladies are doing in the Suarez house…

A League of Their Own Promo Picture
No idea what the story is behind this one!

A League of Their Own Promo Picture
Betty & Henry’s first meal back together

A League of Their Own Promo Picture
Marc & his photographer admirer

The new season has caused a lot of people to share their opinions & reviews on Ugly Betty, so check some of these out here, and see if you agree with them:

This one didn’t enjoy ‘Family / Affair’! Were they watching a different version to me?!

This one gives a bit of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ advice to the creators of Ugly Betty

And, the UK’s Mirror newspaper has some god things to say about the premiere:

There’s just one word to describe the start of series two: wow!

Series one ended with so many cliffhangers that Betty has to literally run through this episode to tie up all the loose ends.

Just to remind you: Hilda’s fiance was shot; Daniel and Alexis were in a car smash; Betty faced losing Henry; and Amanda learned that Fey Sommers was her real mother.

Tonight starts with Betty starring in her very own telenovela. But as well as all the camp and colourful intrigue that we’ve come to expect – including Justin giving Mode’s fashionistas a run for their money, and Amanda’s mad attempts to get a DNA sample from Bradford – the storyline featuring Hilda will be, for many fans, the high point of the show so far.

Plus, there’s a hilarious rendezvous between Wilhelmina and Mode owner Claire — who is busted out of prison and is now a fugitive from fashion.

“Meet me at the Vaux Bridge in Central Park,” she hisses down the phone to Wilhelmina.

“I’ll be dressed as a nun… or a cat. I haven’t decided yet.”

Congratulations to America for being voted ‘Hispanic Woman of the Year’. What a great honour, she deserves it!

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has been named Hispanic Woman of the Year.

The actress will receive an award for her achievements at the Hispanic Women in Entertainment breakfast at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel next week.

The event, which will honour the 25 most powerful Hispanic women in film, television and music, is being organised by US publications Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter.

Publisher John Kilcullen explained: “[Ferrera] is a leader for all women, but especially those in the Hispanic community. [She is] dedicated to advancing the position of Hispanics in television and film.”

Ferrera said: “It’s an honour to be in such esteemed company. And it’s a thrill to see talented women recognised for their work behind the camera.”

Now, a quick look at Victoria Beckham’s upcoming cameo in the show

Victoria Beckham Ugly Betty Cameo

Aww, looks like the fat suit rumours were just that… rumours!

Now for a little apology, I’m sorry that I have been a bit slow recently updating and adding new content, but if you didn’t already know, I started University three weeks ago which has been a big change for me. As well as leaving home for the first time, making new friends and starting a new course, I have had the flu for the last few days which makes coding the website the last thing on my mind! I am settling in okay now though, so hopefully things will be back to normal very soon. Thanks for sticking with me :)


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thanks for the update and i’m glade that you are feeling better.thanks!!!

Comment by ariel

loving the promo pics! im sure the ratings wont go down too far its really popular in the UK and obviously in the US aswell! i cant wait to see the second episode hope uni is going alright X

Comment by Charlotte

where did u see the 2nd episode of ugly betty season 2 coz ive been looking for it everywhere and cant find it

Comment by Lizzy

Marc with the thunder sheet made me almost die laughing xD This was a great episode.

Comment by Joyce

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