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Through Hell & High Water
1 October, 2007, 8:50 pm
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You will not believe the lengths I had to go to this weekend to get to see the season premiere.

First of all, it’s not shown here until next week on television, so that was out of the question. I then tried to watch it online the day after, only to discover my brother had taken the laptop with him on a trip, leaving me internetless! I asked a friend if I could watch it at their house, but their connection was so slow, the video wouldn’t even load. And finally, yesterday another friend who had already seen it invited me over to her house to watch it, but had to cancel last minute as her parents had guests over!

As you can imagine, this weekend has not been the best!

I finally got to watch it last night and I have to say, it was worth the wait!

The rating also show that I wasn’t the only one who watched the premiere,

“Ugly Betty” launched its 2nd season at 8:00 p.m. with 11.05 million viewers. Although many of the fans may now be keeping up with the show on DVR, this is still quite a significant drop compared to last year’s series premiere (16.32 million).

I think that a drop since last year is understandable though, seeing as last year was the pilot. 11 million is hardly that bad anyway, haha!

Ugly Betty Banner

There were so many moments I loved, including Amanda wondering if Daniel is her half-brother [‘And that’s the kind of dirty that don’t wash clean!’], Claire thwacking Wilhelmina in Bradford’s office, when the pidgeon lands on Betty and Christina and her ‘Bourne Ultimatum’.
One thing though, the ending was not a surprise for me at all. As soon as I saw Santos I kinda knew it must be a dream sequence / fantasy. Not so say that it wasn’t enjoyable, but it wasn’t such a big twist for me. I did like the whole Alexis / Alex story though, she is gonna have a big shock when she looks at what’s underneath her gown!

A lot of the ladies out there, including many of my friends, were overjoyed to see the return of Henry. I wonder why he’s come back?

I will be adding the episode summary to the Betty a la Mode YouTube channel as soon as it’s released.

This weekend I also bought the Season 1 DVD set which was released here in the UK a week ago. It’s nice to see the episodes in such clear quality again and I LOVE the extras. My favourites have to be the audio commentaries, which I am still listening through at the minute. Becki & Michael are such a great double act, I can’t wait for the next podcast [which should be out in the next few days]!

My set also came with a bonus disc with footage from 24th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival, which featured a 15 minute interview with the cast. I will hopefully be uploading that soon for you all to enjoy.

[I will be adding HQ scans of the artwork & discs very soon]



Speaking of Becki & Marc, a fantastic new photoshoot has been released of the two of them! It is absolutely fantastic, so expect a few wallpapers, and perhaps a new layout from it! The gallery is still messed up, so for now, here are some low quality versions of the pics.

Becki & Michael


As I said, I will be sorting out the gallery soon, so in the mean time, check out the HQ versions of this, and a load of other photos from the photoshoot at Televisionista

That’s enough for this post, next time I will include a heap of reviews of the premiere!


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