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Three Steps
22 September, 2007, 3:08 pm
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I am really excited. We have lots of things to look forward to!

1. For the other British fans out there, the DVD box set finally gets a release over here on Monday. Don’t forget though, buy it from HMV if possible, as they offer a exclusive version with a bonus disc for exactly the same price. My friend and I are going down to pick it up together and then have an Ugly Betty day!

The DVD release promo

2. The official calendar gets it’s release on October 1st [if the date on Amzon is correct!]. In the US though, it says it’s already been released?! Has anyone bought it yet? For those who haven’t seen what it looks like, check out these pictures.

Ugly Betty Calendar Front Ugly Betty Calendar Top

Ugly Betty Calendar Bottom Ugly Betty Calendar Back

I think it looks great! I wonder which character will be on my birthday month… [Prays for Amanda!]

3. Now, saving the best for last [Haha! That pun will never get old!], the premiere of season 2 is next week! For you Americans it’s September 27th, and in England, October 5th. Not bad at all really, considering the gap for Season One was four months!

Premiere Promo

I should also be getting that baseball I won with the cast’s signatures on it this week, so expect some pictures very soon!


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hey, i’m a british fan and have had the boxset preordered from amazon for months. i’ve just found out that not only will it be arriving late, i’m not going to get the hmv bonus disc! could you tell me if the bonus disc is worth getting – i’m a huge ashley jensen fan, so anything with her on will prompt me to return my amazon copy and by an hmv one – yes, thats how sad i am. thanks!

Comment by eve

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