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A Nice Day for Updates
11 September, 2007, 6:40 pm
Filed under: News, Site Updates, Spoilers, Ugly Betty

I am so sorry for the lack of updates, I have had such a hellish few days. I’m off to University this Sunday and it turns out my loan has been completely messed up which means I will be penniless for the first few weeks! And seeing THAT Britney performance was just the icing on the cake. [FYI, big Britney fan!] Everything should be back to normal now though, so keep on visiting :) – Richard

Details of Episode 2, ‘A Family Affair’, & promo pictures have been released:

Season 2 Episode A Family Affair Promo Picture

Season 2 Episode A Family Affair Promo Picture

Season 2 Episode A Family Affair Promo Picture
See the HQ pictures here…

Betty doesn’t know what to do when she finds out Wilhelmina’s hunky new bodyguard (guest star Vanessa Williams’ former husband Rick Fox as Dwayne) is taking the job to a whole new level. And then there’s her own love life – now that Henry’s back, can they just be friends? Meanwhile, Bradford uses Alexis’ amnesia to re-write family history, Hilda comes to terms with recent events, and Amanda gets a surprising inheritance from Fey Sommers. [Source: Televisionista]

Episode 2.07 will be titled “A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding” and episode 2.08 will be titled “You May Find Yourself.” [Source: SpoilerFix]

E!’s ‘Watch With Kristin’ column just released some info about the new season. According to Kristin, looks like this season is gonna be just as good, if not better than Season 1.

Hemingsly in Kansas City: Please tell me Ugly Betty will be just as good this season! I’m concerned because I’ve been hearing that Chris Gorham won’t be sticking around this season and the storylines aren’t as good.

Not sure where you’re getting your info, but I couldn’t agree with it less! I just watched the first two episodes and nearly died at how out-of-this-world they are. The season premiere is laugh-out-loud funny and highly entertaining (a telenovela spoof, another big surprise regarding Amanda’s family, etc.) and will also take your breath away with a tragic twist that personally made me burst out crying. As for Chris Gorham, I’m told he is still a series regular and will be seen throughout the season—maybe in Tucson, maybe not! Regardless, I’m more in love with this show than ever. [Source: E!]

I have sorted out the gallery problem and collaborated with our sister site,, to bring you our new gallery filled with exclusive and HQ pictures. As yet it is unnamed, and still has some kinks which need to be ironed out. I hope you enjoy the untagged pictures and will stay with us for the upcoming updates. Check it out!


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