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3 September, 2007, 3:28 pm
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Quite a quiet few days in Ugly Betty land, so only a quick post.

First of all, Ashley has been quoted talking about the ‘warm spirit’ on the show and the wide range of fans:

“It’s a programme that we can all watch, with like your child,” she said. “It’s colourful, the characters are colourful, the sets and the costumes are colourful, it’s got no swearing and things in it. So it’s a family show, and I think that there are not many shows that you can actually all sit down as a family and watch.”

Speaking as series one of Ugly Betty is released on DVD in the US, the actress revealed she’s enjoyed secretly re-watching the episodes again.

She said: “The nuances of the dialogue are such that you almost miss things the first time around and I think when you kind of watch it again you go ‘did I really say that? My god that’s even funnier than I thought it was!’ and when you’re still laughing at that bit there’s another little bit coming because it’s so quick and it’s so on the ball.” [Read the complete article here >>>]

I hope you’re enjoying re-watching the show as much as Ashley is!

Our affiliate, Portrait Magazine, has published the latest issue of it’s online magazine, and one of the features is the ‘Top Ten TV Dad’s’ which Ignacio has been voted into! Check out the article and find out where he ranked…

You’ll also notice America’s ‘Sisterhood’ co-star, Blake Lively, has a feature in the magazine, which is definately worth having a look at.

If you’ve been on YouTube recently and typed in ‘Ugly Betty’, as well as videos from the Betty a La Mode channel, you’ll have noticed a LOAD of fan videos, which has clips from the show set to music. Quite a few of these are a bit poor, but once in a while you come across a real gem. That leads onto the next new feature on Betty a La Mode, the ‘Fan Video’ section. I will be showcasing the best of the best, here on the site in their very own video gallery. First, check out this megamix video by ‘mannylondon’ which perfectly sums up Season One [my favourite part is the Constance section!]

The Emmy’s are coming up very quickly, and Entertainment Tonight have written this article about Ugly Betty’s chances of taking home a bunch of awards.

Emmy Awards“America Ferrera is the one slam-dunk, shoe-in winner on Emmy night,” predicts O’Neill, weighing in on the Lead Actress Comedy category. “She’s got everything. She’s in the hot, new comedy show of the year. She’s in a one-hour show competing against half-hour programs. She’s hilarious and she’s giving a fascinating, multi-layered performance.”

And while O’Neill also considers “Ugly Betty” to be a top contender for Outstanding Comedy Series, he believes that “Entourage” might be a spoiler”

Sounds good for America! Hopefully the show can manage to pick up the ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’ too.

Haha, this ‘quick post’ has turned into a bit of an essay, so I’ll stop here. To end with, here’s some spoilers which reveals a good deal about Season 2.



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