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30 August, 2007, 12:52 am
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I have spent the last few hours on the banner above. I hope you like it! I am really pleased with the outcome. I love the Season 2 promo pictures so I put them to good use, hehe. Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Also, today iTunes UK added TV programmes to the store, which means if you can’t wait to get the DVD, you can now download ‘Ugly Betty – Season One’ for £32.99 . [A bit expensive if you ask me, seeing as the US gets it for £18! Oh well…]

Also there is reports of Season show being shown from October in the UK and not January as many of us had believed which is great news for us UK’ers!


Onto the EXCITING news…

Episode promo pictures have been released for the premiere of Season 2, ‘How Betty Got Her Grieve Back’…

Season Premiere How Betty Got Her Grieve Back Promos

The episode starts with Betty, Henry & Charlie in a Telenova dream sequence

Season Two Premiere How Betty Got Her Grieve Back Promos

What’s Betty Burying?! 

Season Two Premiere How Betty Got Her Grieve Back Promos

Haha! Marc as Wilhelmina 

[Credit: Televisionista]

Ahh! I don’t know about you, but seeing these have really made the excitement kick in for me!

Check out more here


P.S. 28 Days


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I love the new banner! Good job :D
and omg the pics look amazing! I cant wait to see this episode! And please let this rumour be true! I am desperate to see it and october is soon!

Comment by Charlotte

OMG! I am loving the site my love! u are pure genius! i am soo excited! I can’t even begin to explain! I would love to download the first season…but i’d rather get it on dvd from what i’ve seen! I love that banner! I want it! hehe!

Comment by Sheepa

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