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You Don’t Bring Me Flowers…
28 August, 2007, 4:34 pm
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You know that AIDs fundraiser some of the cast performed at a few weeks ago? A video has finally surfaced of their performances, and it is hilarious!

Becki & Michael were amazing, and if you are finding it hard to see them properly in the video above, check out these pictures:

Becki Newton & Michael Urie as Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond at AIDs Hot in Hollywood
[Haha! Becki’s nose & Michael’s hair is amazing!]

Also, America was rocking it with Jerry O’Connell in their ‘Gypsy’ performance. She really knows how to ‘pump it with a trumpet’!

America Ferrera performing at Hot In Hollywood 2007

Also, more news on James Van Der Beek’s appearance on the show has been revealed:

‘According to E! Online, Van Der Beek will star as the owner of a fashion house who is troubled by transsexual Mode magazine co-editor Alexis Meade

A source tells the site, “James Van Der Beek is playing the owner of Atlantic Attire.

“Apparently, he’s scheduled to do business with Mode, but he has problems with Alexis being a transsexual.”‘ [Source]

Poor Alexis!

Hopefully, if you saw the reminder I put in the last post, you watched the ‘Teen Choice Awards’ 2007. America won ‘Choice TV: Breakout’, Vanessa won ‘Best TV Villain’ and Mark was there interviewing the stars for E! [Which you can view some of the footage here]. Mark was seen interviewing the stars of ‘High School Musical’, Jessica Alba, Nick Cannon, Hilary Duff, The Rock and many more! [Lucky git, hehe!]

You can also see him going backstage before the show and checking out the ‘Swag’ here

America Ferrera at Teen Choice Awards 2007

[America on the ‘Red’ Carpet]

Yesterday, it was exactly one month until the start of Season 2, which mean [obviously!] less than a month to go!


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Hi I love your website! Good job!
I just want to add one small detail.
Vanessa Williams won a Teen Choice for favorite Villian!


Comment by Lindsay

Hi! I love your website, and am like you in the UK. I don’t know of any other way to contact you, but this report says that Season 2 of Ugly Betty will start in the UK on Channel 4 in October!

Comment by Mairtin

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