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26 August, 2007, 8:06 pm
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I didn’t think my week could get any ‘Ugly Bettyer’ until I saw this…

Our affiliate, , has uploaded the promo for the premiere of season 2 of Ugly Betty, ‘How Betty Got Her Grieve Back’, which as you can see above, looks very good!

Highlights for me have to be:

  • Fat Amanda!
  • Marc dressed as Wilhelmina
  • The eyepatch, obviously!
  • [Not really a highlight for me, but a highlight for all the ladies] Shirtless Henry, haha!

One month left people!

I have also been uploading a few videos to the Betty a la Mode YouTube channel, so check that out here [or subscribe to the RSS feed here]. Thank you for your subscriptions, the season 2 promo video now has over 65,000 views!

In one of the videos I have uploaded, Eric mentions some of the guest stars appearing this season. As well as Victoria Beckham, we have James Van Der Beek, John Cho & Victor Garber appearing as well. I am especially excited about James Van Der Beek as I’m interested to see what he’ll end up being. Maybe one of Daniel’s playboy friends?

Anyway, I promised ages ago to add a new feature called ‘Fan of the Moment’. Well guess what? I finally did! Our first FOTM is Charlotte, and you can read her Ugly Betty questionnaire here. Get your entries in so you can be the next FOTM!

Before I go,


Mark Indelicato will be at the event interviewing the stars on the red carpet and America will be presenting an award. I will try to get video footage of this and upload it for you all.



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