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22 August, 2007, 5:55 pm
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I doubt any of you are reading this as you’re all too busy re-watching Season 1 on your newly purchased DVD boxsets, haha! But, if you’re not in the US like me [or can’t afford it just yet!], hello!

As I just said, yesterday the DVD of Season 1 was released in the US. The box set has received very good reviews, saying how as well as it being a great show [duh!], the extras presentation & packaging are all of an excellent quality. The only problem is that some of the episodes have changed order, which is a bit confusing! Episodes 2 & 3 have switched places and ‘Swag’ now appears as the 4th episode and not the 11th. This is not an error, this is how the show was originally shot and intended to be shown. If you remember, ‘Swag’ was a flashback episode, so it made sense when it was when as the eleventh episode. The flashback scenes between Betty have Christina have now been removed and replaced with the original scenes which were cut to make room for them.

It is released in the UK on September 24th, and in HMV [a DVD & Music retailer] they are selling an exclusive set with an extra disc with a 15 minute interview with the cast. I have just pre-ordered my copy here and recommend you do the same!

Ugly Betty DVD Release Ugly Betty DVD Release
Screenshots of the DVD Menus

The stars of the show celebrated the release with a special party, pictures of which can be viewed here. [P.S. I love Chris’s t shirt!]

Ugly Betty DVD Release

Anyway, apart from the DVD release, other news has filtered in such as the apparent MUSICAL episode which will be in Season 2!

I knew it would only be a matter of time before a musical episode came up in Ugly Betty, so I’m glad it’s sooner rather than later. Here’s the snippet from which give us a bit more info:

This just in! Ugly Betty is gonna get Broadway on your ass.

That’s right, the hit ABC show is doing a musical episode this coming season, has learned.

And, they’ve hired some A-list talent to help execute this very special episode!

Producers have brought on board Marc Shaiman (Hairspray) to write the music and Jerry Mitchell (Legally Blonde) to direct.

This should be VERY VERY exciting, as many in the cast are singers and have a theater background, like Vanessa Williams and Michael Urie (respectively).

They better choreograph this shiz too. We wanna see some high kicks!

Sounds good! I’m not a huge musicals fan, but an Ugly Betty one? How can I resist?!


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Ive already pre-ordered mine from HMV!! I guess thats one good thing about about the UK release we get an extra disc!

Comment by Charlotte

Does switching episodes 2 and 3 cause any confusion? Isn’t episode 2 her first day at work (the Bunny episode)?

Comment by Lee

Actually yeh switching episodes 2 and 3 would be really confusing wouldnt it??? Or have they edited it to make it look like episode 3 is her first day at work?

Comment by Charlotte

You’re right about an Ugly Betty musical. There is just too much talent in the cast – it’ll be too good!

Comment by TomL

This blog is just what I was needing…

Thank you very much for creating this one…

Comment by Arthur

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