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17 August, 2007, 11:25 pm
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markbadge.gifThe promo did not air last night.

Or did it?!

I am so confused right now.

I woke up today expecting to find the promo on the ABC website and instead found a montage of UB clips set to the Mika song. I had actually seen this before but thought it was a ‘fan-made’ video, but seeing it on the ABC website confirms it’s real!

I guess that there must be TWO promo videos. The Mika clip video which is on the website, and the promo which they are making in the video I posted yesterday.

[Sorry if you already knew this / figured this out, I guess I must be a bit ‘slow’, hehe!]

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the montage video:

Anyway on to the exciting news! The Season 2 promotional pictures have been released!

‘WHERE ARE THEY?!’ I hear you scream!

Sadly, I do not have access to the HQ promotional pictures at ABC [yet! I have applied so hopefully they will let me!], so I will have to point you in the direction of Ugly Is In, another fabulous Ugly Betty fansite which has them for show.

I LOVE them, so much better than Season 1 [which I am sick of seeing after making this site, haha!] so expect the new buttons over the next few weeks with the new pics.

Another exciting tidbit of news is that the ‘Making Of’ video for the promo [which you can view below] was the #88 – Top Favourited Video on YouTube and has had over 700 hits in just one day! Pretty impressive and shows that there are a lot of people just as eager to see it as I am!

Ooh, also, I went out today and bought a copy of ‘Glamour’ Magazine which Eric was editor for the day in. I got a load of strange looks for buying a girl’s magazine, so you better appreciate the scans when I upload them in a few days time, haha!

Enjoy the promo pictures!


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