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31 July, 2007, 8:02 pm
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Vanessa BadgeHello! Hope you’ve had a good week

16-tool-a.png I’ve been working on photos for the gallery, I’m going to be purchasing some larger storage for the site so I can host the pictures myself and not have to rely on a third person site [the reason why there was such a delay in updates]. I have found a load of magazine scans which I have been tidying up and editing in Photoshop such as this one of Becki:

Becki Newton Arrow Right Becki Newton

See? I got rid of the text and cleaned it up a bit. I have done quite a few of this type of thing, so expect to see them all in the gallery very soon.

If you have any magazine cuttings which you could scan for me, I would really appreciate if you could send them to me!

One thing though, I decided not to tag them as what’s the point of removing all the text to then go and add some?! But, this means I have no protection from people stealing them. These took a LONG time to edit, so if you want to use them on your site, please credit Betty a la Mode and don’t make out that they are your own. Anyway, enjoy the lovely, tag free pictures!

16-comment.png Now for some actual Ugly Betty news, Eric was recently in the press for his opinion on Victoria Beckham:

Ugly Betty star Eric Mabius has defended Victoria Beckham – describing her as a “brilliant woman”.

The actor met Posh at the UK Glamour awards and was surprised to discover that her personality does not match the image that the media portrays.

“She catches a lot of flak in the press in England, and I don’t know why exactly, because she’s a very eloquent, highly functioning, brilliant woman,” Eric told US Weekly Online.

“I went to the UK Glamour awards so I spent a little bit of time with her, and she couldn’t have been sweeter and more well-spoken – just cool.”

America Ferrera Imagen Awards

That’s good to hear, doesn’t like she’ll be causing any trouble on the UB set then!

16-star-hot.png Congratulations to both of the Suarez sisters for winning at the IMAGEN Awards!

TV Best Supporting Actress: Ana Ortiz — Ugly Betty

TV Best Actress: America Ferrera — Ugly Betty

If you don’t know, the IMAGEN Awards are especially for Latino actors & actresses. Check out the official site here. HQ pictures have been added to the gallery

Plus Now, for my favourite, SPOILERS! These were posted on the BALM forums, [Thank you DAF!] so I thought I’d share them with you all. Remember, don’t believe everything you read.

Subscribers to the YouTube Channel will know that I have recently been uploading trailers from projects which the UB cast have been involved in. I am currently purchasing quite a few DVDs which they have appeared in, so expect a few more soon. If you have any of their DVD’s which I have not uploaded trailers for, please contact me!

Watch out for the next post, the mystery of the BIG SUPRISE will be revealed!

[P.S. I watched Becki’s film ‘P.S.’ [Haha, I didn’t mean to do that!] the other day. If you are watching it only for Becki, don’t bother, she appears in the background for 2 minutes and doesn’t have any lines! I didn’t even notice her at first, I had to rewind to spot her. Oh well…]


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