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24 July, 2007, 11:23 pm
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markbadge.gifFirst of all, I have to get it out….


I cannot wait for this date, the premiere of Season 2! Or to be more precise the 28th for me, damn UK TV schedules! Also the titles of the first three episodes have been announced:

1. How Betty Got Her Grieve Back
2. Family Affairs
3. Betty’s Wait Problem
4. Grin and Bear It

Looks good! More info as it’s released…

[Thanks to my Facebook UB buddy Sarah for the Episode 4 title!]

Also I have some BIG news! I can’t really say much right now, as I want it to be a surprise, but hopefully it’s going to mean a new era here on Betty a la Mode. Interested? I will reveal ALL in a few weeks time…

I have completed reworking the navigation of the ‘Episodes’ and they nearly all have summaries & videos summaries now. I am also adding ‘Trivia’ to each episode and also, due to the great response the soundtrack got, adding EVERY track which appears in each episode, with FULL song streams. Oh, and I’ll say it again. I will NEVER be offering these songs to download, along with full episodes of the show. It is amazing how many emails I get asking me this!

So, I should really be off. Hope the news of Season 2 has got you excited, and that you’re intrigued by BALM’s big news, heheh!


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A new episode title, yay! And can’t wait for the big news- need something to look forward to over the hiatus! BTW, since people are asking if clips and songs can be downloaded so much, it might help to put them under another tab than “downloads”. Maybe “video and music” or something. :) (Then again, I have no idea how much effort goes into that, so feel free to ignore me, lol)

Comment by Caitlin

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