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Good Things come in Big Packages
11 May, 2007, 8:14 pm
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markbadge.gifBIG post for you today!

I am still reeling from the amazingness of ‘A Tree Grows in Guadalajara’, a mixture of some of Marc’s funniest moments with the emotion of Betty meeting her grandma. That scene was so sad!

Anyway, first, here’s the news….

‘Ugly Betty” actress America Ferrera bagged her trademark braces Thursday, insuring her smile by Lloyd’s of London during a New York charity awareness event. Ferrera teamed with Aquafresh White Trays to benefit Smiles for Success, an organization that assists women who cannot afford the cost of dental care to go from welfare to the workforce, the organization said in a news release.’

Wanna know how much America insured them for?


$10 Million!

Whoa, who’d have thought Betty’s gnashers would be worth that much?!

[Click here for the full story]

In other news, Alan Dale, our very own Bradford Meade(I loved his leopard skin shirt in last night’s episode by the way!), appeared on BBC Radio 1 earlier this week. Here’s a lovely picture with Jo Whiley, the show’s host.

[I am working on getting the audio for you to download, but I’m having a bit of trouble! Check back later and I probably will have managed to figure it out by then!]

Also, America was spotted at the arrivals at the party for ‘ Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People 2007’. She looked lovely as you can see in this picture!

This weekend you can expect more additions to the gallery and some updated ‘Cast’ profiles. I have already done Rebecca’s & Vanessa’s. Check them out!

Haha! Just realised how long this post is! I’m off now, I need a break from the computer!


P.S. 6 Days, 3 Hours, 45 Minutes & 38 Seconds till the finale!


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